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New from Lynn R. Miller!

Roots in a Lovely Filth is a necklace of parables fingered till they shine, laced with intrigue, comedy and romance, plus a smattering of tart side-dishes. At its core is an adventure tale of the building of a small farm from remote marginal land. Throughout are inside views of deepest intimacy and love laid beside the flit of splintered souls that converge on new forms of salvation. A whirlpool of a story.

“At its heart, [Roots in a Lovley Filth] is a work of informed passion for farming – its history, culture and operations meticulously threaded into a narrative that grieves for what humans have lost or damaged, and offers a path for cultivating an essential and healing connection to nature.” – Rhona McAdam

“If we are to be saved, who and what will save us? In the title of his new novel Lynn Miller calls out its name: Roots in a Lovely Filth. The book’s title is a refreshing declaration and appreciation of what must matter, what will feed and free us.” – Paul Hunter

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Showing all 22 results