Horsedrawn Tillage Tools


by Lynn R. Miller

This important book covers operation, care and repair of animal-powered cultivators, field cultivators, discs, harrows, ridge busters, listers and rollers as well as seedbed preparation and crop cultivation tools. It includes specifics on how animals are hitched and driven with these implements. The chapter on cultivation procedure covers a wide variety of field and row crop operations. The book also contains illustrated information on shovel and point types. Detailed engineer’s drawings of John Deere, Oliver, McCormick-Deering, Parlin-Orendorff, Avery and many other older manufacturers will be immensely helpful to folks restoring equipment. This cornerstone of the Work Horse Library has over 1,000 photos and illustrations covering the new and old, the useful and the historic.

©2020 8.5” x 11” 368 pages b+w
Softcover ISBN: 978-1-885210-34-0

Scroll down for an excerpt.

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Following is an excerpt from Chapter 17, “Oddities”:

Horsedrawn Tillage ToolsHorsedrawn Tillage Tools

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